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  • Artists' books

Artists' books (Genre/Form Term)

Preferred form: Artists' books
Used for/see from:
  • Artist books
  • Book art (Artists' books)
  • Book works (Art)
  • Books, Artists'
  • Bookworks (Art)
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  • Broader heading: Art

LCSH, May 10, 2015 (Artists' books; UF Artist books; Book art; Book works (Art); Books, Artists'; Bookworks (Art); BT Art, Modern--20th century; Books; Conceptual art; Here are entered books that are produced by artists and intended as visual art objects, and general works about such books)

Art & architecture thesaurus online, May 10, 2015 (artists' books (books); variants: artist's books (books); artists books (books); artist books (books); books, artists'; Books, whether unique items or multiples, made or conceived by artists, including commercial publications (usually in limited editions), as well as unique items formed or arranged by the artist. For texts written by artists for the sake of their informational content, use "writings." For artists' books that emphasize the physical book as a work of art rather than the content, use "bookworks." For works that look like or incorporate books but do not communicate in the ways characteristic of books, see "book objects")

Books that are produced by artists and intended as visual art objects. For sculptural works that mimic the format or structure of the book, see Book objects.

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