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Calendars (Genre/Form Term)

Preferred form: Calendars
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Genre terms : a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloging, via WWW, July 26 2014 (Calendars. Use for tabular registers of days, not for lists of manuscripts or documents; subdivide by date. BT Reference works. NT Perpetual calendars. RT Devotional calendars)

Reitz, J.M. ODLIS : online dictionary for library and information science, July 26, 2014 (calendar: A tabular register of the days in a year, usually arranged by month and within each month by week, sometimes indicating the dates of important events such as national and religious holidays)

Art & architecture thesaurus online, July 26, 2014 (calendars. Registers of days or other contrivances for reckoning days, months, years, etc., such as a table showing the division of a given year into its months, weeks, days, years, or other divisions of time. A calendar may include important astronomical data, ecclesiastical or other festivals, and other events belonging to specific days.)

Görlach, M. An alphabetical list of English text types, in Text types and the history of English, c2004: p. 31 (calendar)