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  • Place attachment

Place attachment (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Place attachment
Used for/see from:
  • Attachment to place
  • Places, Attachment to
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Work cat.: Turbeville, E.P. Using place attachment to determine the acceptability of restoring fire to its natural role in wilderness ecosystems, 2006: abstr. (an individual's attachment to place)

Place attachment, c1992.

PsycINFO, via Ovid Web gateway, Mar. 14, 2007 (in titles: place attachment; place attachments; attachment to place; attachments to place; attachments to places; Key Concept: place attachment. Subject Heading: Attachment Behavior)

LC database, Mar. 14, 2007 (place attachment)

Williams, D.R. The measurement of place attachment, 2003, via WWW, Mar. 14, 2007: abstr. (this study evaluated the psychometric properties of a place attachment measure designed to capture the extent of emotions and feelings people have for places) p. 831 (Early studies of place attachment were directed at the built environment. Recent efforts have studied residents' attachments to resource and tourism dependent communities, local residents' attachments to nearby "special places" visitors' attachments to recreation and tourist destinations, and place attachment among second home owners; the psychological study of attachment to recreational places by evaluating the psychometric structure and performance of a commonly used place attachment measure)

Ponzetti, J.J. Growing old in rural communities : a visual methodology for studying place attachment, 2003, via WWW, Mar. 14, 2007 (Place attachment refers to the emotional connection formed by an individual to a physical location due to the meaning given to the site as a function of its role as a setting for experience. A range of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behavior as well as feelings are evoked through attachment to place. Thus, place attachment involves an elaborate interplay of emotion, cognition, and behavior in reference to place)