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  • Learning strategies

Learning strategies (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Learning strategies
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  • Strategies, Learning
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Work cat.: Park, S. Cognitive psychology in education : some implications of learning strategies ... 1993: p. 11 ("activities and strategies that influence the process of knowledge acquisition")

ERIC thes. (rules, principles and procedures used to facilitate learning)

Good. dict. educ. (rules, principles and procedures acquired in learning, often discovered by the learner himself and applicable in other learnings)

Encyc. of psychology, 1994 (methods people use to learn and retain information)

Encyc. of educational research, 1992: v. 2, p. 702 (use of cognitive procedures for generating relations across bodies of information and between new information and memory)

Nisbet, J.D. Learning strategies, c1986: introd., p. vii (Learning to learn involves learning strategies like planning ahead, monitoring own performance, checking, estimating, revision, and self-testing) p. 24 (... strategies are the processes that underlie performance on thinking tasks) p. 26 (Strategies seem to represent higher-order skills which control and regulate the more task-specific or more practical skills) p. 28 (example: asking questions, planning, monitoring, checking, revising, self-testing)

Learning strategies and learning styles, c1988: p. 3 (learning can be ... experiential, behavioral, [or] neurological) p. 5 (a learning strategy is a sequence of procedures for accomplishing learning and specific procedures within sequence are called learning tactics) p. 17 (Learning strategies are combinations of cognitive (thinking) skills implemented when a situation is perceived as one demanding learning) p. 291 (any behaviors or thoughts that facilitate encoding in such a way that knowledge integration and retrieval are enhanced; examples: actively rehearsing, summarizing, paraphasing, imagining, elaborating, and outlining)

Work cat.: Amorós Teijeiro, M.E. Estrategias de aprendizaje en estudiantes del INTEC, 2015 t.p. ([cataloger's translation] Learning strategies in students at INTEC)

Intl. dict. educ.; Facts on File dict. of education