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  • Writing

Writing (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Writing
Used for/see from:
  • Chirography
  • Handwriting
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Here are entered works on the process or result of recording language in the form of conventionalized visible marks or graphic signs on a surface. Works on the writing of a particular language are entered under the name of the language with subdivisions Alphabet and Writing, e.g. Greek language--Alphabet; Egyptian language--Writing. Works on systems of writing used by several peoples are entered under Writing, followed by the name of the system, e.g. Writing, Arabic.

General and comparative works on the Semitic alphabet and its ancient and modern derivatives, or with similar series of characters employed to represent the sounds of a language, are entered under Alphabet.

Works on variations in the style of writing in the past, and especially with ancient and medieval handwriting, are entered under Paleography.

Works on written languages as a form of communication or discourse are entered under Written communication.

Notes under Alphabet; Paleography; Written communication