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Uniform Title:
Addison-Wesley series on tools and techniques for computer typesetting
used for/see from:
Tools and techniques for computer typesetting
Series on tools and techniques for computer typesetting
Details Uniform Title 1 biblios
Topical Term:
Computerized typesetting
used for/see from:
Automated typesetting
Computer typesetting
Computerized typesetting Computer programs (Earlier heading)
Typesetting Computer programs
Typesetting Data processing
see also:
Typesetting (Broader heading)
Details Topical Term 10 biblios
Corporate Names:
Gloucester Typesetting
used for/see from:
Gloucester Typesetting Services
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Topical Term:
used for/see from:
Composition (Printing)
Type-setting (Earlier heading)
see also:
Printing (Broader heading)
Details Topical Term 36 biblios
Topical Term:
Typesetting machines
used for/see from:
Type-setting machines (Earlier heading)
see also:
Details Topical Term 2 biblios