Grimaldi, Silvia,

Design for narrative experience in product interactions / Silvia Grimaldi. - 301 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 31 cm + USB disc

"This practice-led investigation asks if and how design can enhance the user's experience of interacting with everyday physical domestic objects through the application of narrative storytelling devices derived from film. ... This research develops design work, a set of domestic kettles, specifically to address the area of design praxeology, or research into the process of designing, so that in the first instance its direct audience is product designers, in particular those designers working within speculative design and product design research. However, the scope of the study has also produced approaches and design methods applicable to product design for mass production and design for social impact." [Abstract] With accompanying USB disc kept in back of thesis, containing four videos and the thesis text in portable document format.

Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of the Arts London, July 2018.

Includes bibliographical references.

This thesis is the property of University of the Arts London and may not be removed from the library.

Product design.